White Montmorillonite

White Montmorillonite

White (calcium) Montmorillonite Crystals

I’m Billy,

Welcome to my page, a source for information on  Calcium Montmorillonite Crystals mined by hand in the desert of Nevada. This extraordinary montmorillonite crystalline provides an all natural source of relief and cosmetic care to the educated and enlightened.

It is my endeavor to provide up to date information to the science and uses of what many term as a “healing clay.” Calcium Montmorillonite is actually a crystal, unique in its properties. Its high Ionic Substitutional potential, Far Infrared energy emissions and ionic charge are special.

I will be documenting montmorillonite crystal uses, testimonials and the science of clay sized crystal powders in general and hope to share the results with you.

When I started this blog I referred to it as white, but just recently realized the crystal originally was pink. Some are White and Yellow, Pink being the rarest. I recently discovered a pink montmorillonite that changes color from white, to pink to violet when exposed to sunlight. I am excited to share more as I continue my discoveries.

I also have 20 years agriculture experience holding Federal, International and California state credentials as an ISA Certified Consulting Arborist, American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisor and California Licensed Agricultural Pest Control Advisor.  Soil science and environmental pressures are the backbone of my experience. I have read and interpreted 100s of soils reports. That’s where I ended up after two years of Pre Med.

After playing with dead bodies I turned to Environmental Consulting.  If I knew about White Montmorillonite then I might have had less of an upset stomach😉

My own desires stem from my aptitude for providing those around me with increased awareness, education, entertainment and hospitality that is impeccable in character while appealing to my sense of honor and integrity.

My Mission Statement is simple: To be better today than I was yesterday.

Personal Mottos: Always do my best, take nothing personally, never assume, keep my word, and be humble.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle


Billy H.

You will be excited to discover for yourself that Montmorillonite Crystal is a vital essential addition to your daily regimen of health and beauty.





One thought on “White (calcium) Montmorillonite Crystals

  1. Sounds very relaxing. Hope to try and see if I can be at peace with this..


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