White (calcium) Montmorillonite Crystals


This is a source for information on  Nevalite Tesla Crystals mined by hand in the desert of Nevada. This extraordinary montmorillonite crystalline provides an all natural source of relief and cosmetic care to the educated and enlightened.

It is our endeavor to provide up to date information to the science and uses of what many term as a “healing clay.” Calcium Montmorillonite is actually a crystal, unique in its properties. Its high Ionic Substitutional potential, Far Infrared energy emissions and ionic charge are special.

I will be documenting montmorillonite crystal uses, testimonials and the science of clay sized crystal powders in general and hope to share the results with you.

Our Mission Statement is simple: To be better today than we were yesterday.

Personal Mottos: Always do our best, take nothing personally, never assume, keep our word, and be humble.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle



You will be excited to discover for yourself that Nevalite® Tesla Crystal is a vital essential addition to your daily regimen of health and beauty.




3 thoughts on “White (calcium) Montmorillonite Crystals

  1. Always examination, no one recognizes just how search formulas really function and also
    no one absolutely recognizes just how your consumers browse until you discover it out.


    • Hey Reagan, yes formula! The average bentonite boasts a compliment of between 50 to 70 other minerals in the complex with claims you are getting those minerals. Those have a cation exchange capacity less than purer montmorillonites which have less than 20. That cation exchange capacity is what enables the exchange of calcium to pull out heavy metals like mercury. Explaining that falls on deaf ears but that is OK. I do not market to the average consumer. I speak to doctors and scientists on a regular basis. Less is more for them. All those other elements cause interference patterns both chemically and physically. Try Googling “Montmorillonite Nanotechnology” as much research that is out there, the science is still in its infancy.


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